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Château Bel-Air

Château Bel-Air
Château Bel-Air

Re-born from a glorious past, Château Bel-Air is now managed by young professionals who aim producing a high quality fine wine.

“Our change is extraordinary: The potential of this magnificent vineyard has not been addressed for more than 60 years. The terroir is great, we just have put back on track the tool, and applied our savoir-faire. Moreover, our project is serious, we will do everything we can to leverage the inside quality of the wine itself, in the long run. The objective is to position Bel-Air among the best “great Bordeaux” which do not belonging to the crus classés category. The 2006, our first vintage, has actually already exceeded our expectations.” 


  • The first wines from Bel-Air were produced in the 18th century.
  •  1822, the harvest started the 22nd of August.
  •  1899, Bel-Air was purchased by the Borie family, owner of chateaux in the Medoc. The BORIE family was coming from Central France to BORDEAUX, to establish in the WINE BUSINESS.
  • 1921, Jean-Eugène Borie were born in the château. Jean-Eugène Borie was Roland Coiffe’s grandfather.
  • Prior to 1950, the CHATEAU BEL AIR was very highly established as one of the BEST wines in the PREMIERS COTE DE REGION APPLELLATION
  • Roland COIFFE owns and runs the property since 2005. He has lived there with his family since 2006. The vintage 2006 was the first to be reintroduced. And it reached very good performance
  • From vintage 2010, commercialized by Roland Coiffe & Associes.


  • Bel-Air is 10 Km from Léognan, 30km from Saint-Emilion, 15km south of Bordeaux.
  • The vineyard counts 13 hectares, in a single plot. It is located in Quinsac, which has always been known for possessing one of the best terroirs of Bordeaux‘s Côtes.
  • Bel-Air is literally positioned on « THE » first ‘Première Côte’ (cliff) de Bordeaux, more that 70 metres above the Garonne River.


  • The soils are mainly composed of gravel and clay. The vineyard is exposed towards south.
  • With no major obstacles from the Atlantic Ocean, the vineyard takes full advantage of the tempered maritime climate, permanently aerated, especially at night, by a gentle breeze coming from both inland and the sea. 


  • The vines are planted at 4500pieds/ha. A particular emphasis on the importance of viticulture. 


  • Chateau Bel-Air 2010 is 80% oak aged
  • 80% merlot, 20% cabernet-franc
  • But 4 grape variety are planted on the vineyard, not entirely in use: Merlots, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Cabernet sauvignon

Tasting notes

  • The color is purple, ruby, very deep.
  • The nose is abundant of blackberry fruit aromas, suave, with a touch of exotic spiciness.
  • Palate, the attack is linear and well structured. In the month, the wine expresses the complexity of the soils with mineral aromas, iode and salty, balanced by the ripe fruits. The finish is fresh, long, and elegant.


  • Accessible when bottled, and can be enjoyed within 8 to 10 years.

Quantity produced

  • 15,000 bottles in the last vintages (2010, 2011, 2012).

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Château Bel-Air

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